Project Description

In 2013 I was approached by Trivago to be the voice over for their new service: Trivago Social.

trivago Social – a new way to find your ideal hotel when you’re travelling with a group of friends and family. It’s really simple — with the click of a button you can invite your friends to the hotel search, then you can all compare hotels using available filters in a list of favourite hotels. At the end, everyone votes for their favourite hotel from the available options in the list. Whether you want to go to Hamburg with friends, spend some time in London with your family or go on holiday to Barcelona with a group of people, you can find a hotel that everyone is excited about with trivago Social — it’s that easy!

It’s a pretty awesome service that makes the holiday-booking experience that much easier when it comes to organising a big group of people.

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Project Details

  • ClientTrivago
  • UsageOnline
  • Year2013